Our Plan

In the event of a disaster this is the preliminary plan that the TSG will follow (This is subject to change at one of the committees meetings):

  1. Assemble family and gather supplies
  2. If safe make way to the TSG Camp
  3. While at the TSG camp a committee will be established to manage the camp
  4. Camp set up (e.g. Tents erected, food supplies managed, medical needs tended to, water supplies organised)
  5. Allocate and assign people different roles within the community to fit in with their skills and interests. E.g. medical, food, security…
  6. Timetables setup for meal times
  7. Establishment of long term survival plan, sustainable living plan and school education.

This plan is subject to change, all members will receive a full up to date comprehensive plan including the location of the proposed camp, etc.

Everything here is open for debate and during our growth and development may change.

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