Cyclone Cook Update #1

Reliable computer models are fine tuning their forecasts and the latest on where Cook may make landfall shifts it closer to Auckland and Coromandel Peninsula and sends even more rain over flood hit Bay of Plenty.

Both European and American models are this morning (and were last night) placing the centre of Cook (which will be an ex-cyclone when it makes landfall in New Zealand late Thursday) somewhere around Tauranga or even the Coromandel Peninsula, says

“Yesterday the centre was likely to make landfall in Whakatane or even further east towards Gisborne.  This is still possible also.

“This is about an 80 to 250km difference and is very normal when a tropical storm approaches any country. This shows that as the models fine tune where Cook will make landfall precisely it may still shift a bit, although the distance it may shift usually reduces as we get closer to the time.

“This last firming up of the models places far more people at risk of severe weather over the following two days.

“It’s very important to note the severe weather around the centre of Cook extends for about 150kms to 200kms roughly – so the further west Cook goes the more likely major centres like Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton and eastern Waikato towns will be hit by a burst of gales and very heavy rain.

“Often the worst of the weather is in the south eastern quadrant, so again a more western landfall torwards Tauranga might see even heavier rain fall in already flooded eastern Bay of Plenty.”

– See more at: Sunlive


What will cause the collapse of our way of life?

Pandemic, natural disaster, aliens, meteorite, social, economic………

What do you think will cause the collapse of civilization, and why? You don’t have to write an essay just a short sharp statement 🙂

Opinion: Economic/Social Collapse

Kia ora koutou,

Its been all over the news, you know, house prices and rent increases. Local newspapers are reporting at how families who are renting are now cutting back on meat and other staples in order to pay the ever increasing rent hikes. First home buyers are also being out priced by the ever inflating home prices. Our site poll also lists social/economic collapse as the factor that will cause global catastrophe.

I envisage that in 8-12 years we will see a lot more people fall below the poverty line, can’t afford to rent a house and resort to more extreme measures to home their families. Let this act as my prediction, and in 10 years we will revisit it.


8 years (2023) – Global demonstrations/Riots
9 years (2024) – Collapse of some countries economic and social systems.
10 years (2025) – Global collapse of economic systems. Most countries social systems fail. Rioting increases/Looting and communities fall apart.
11 years (2026) – 30-50% of global population dead (due to disease, murder…)
12 years (2027) – Small communities rebuilding across the world.

Again this is just my opinion, it is not based on any actual evidence and is solely that of my own thinking (and watching too many doomsday movies).

What do you think? What is your opinion? How do you think society will be in 10 years time?

Still Here

Tauranga Survival Group is still here! don’t let the lack of posts put you off. We are currently fine tuning our escape plans and meet up points. If you want to get involved, get in touch.

6.5 Quake Rattles North Island

Update 1

A “severe” earthquake has hit the east coast of the North Island this morning, being felt throughout most of the island.

The 6.3 magnitude quake struck at 11.33am, at a depth of 49km and 100km east of Te Araroa, Geonet reports.

The Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management says there is no risk of a tsunami as a result of the quake.

More than 2000 people have reported feeling the quake.

Fluoride in the water supply, your thoughts?

We are looking at becoming a bit more interactive on our site so we are going to pose a number of questions that we feel are good debate points. Our first one is should Fluoride be added to a communities water supply?

The TSG are in favour of having fluoride added to our water supply, why? because it has been scientifically proven to be safe when added to water supplies as well as having a beneficial effect to our dental state. The World Health Organisation also agree with our statement.

What are your thoughts, and why? Please backup your opinion with full scientific peer reviewed evidence. Not just a website.

TSG Warning Level Reduced to Normal

TSG Alert Level has been reduced to: NORMAL

We are currently monitoring a number of global events and feel that at this time New Zealand is not in any immediate danger. We shall continue monitoring these events daily and keep the site updated with any changes.

Current monitored events:

MERS Coronavirus and UKraine Conflict

Severe Weather Warning

BOP Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Status Notification
Tuesday November 26, 2013

The BOP Civil Defence Emergency Management Groups website’s emergency status has been updated.

Current Status: 4 (Severe Weather Warning)
TSG Alert level remains low

MetService have issued a severe weather warning for the Coromandel Peninsula, Bay of Plenty  and Gisborne Regions. Heavy rain and possible thunderstorms are affecting the area today and tomorrow. From Wednesday afternoon through to Thursday morning rain is expected to be very heavy at times with thunderstorms.  In the 18 hours from midday Wednesday to 6am Thursday expect 100 to 150mm of rain.  Rainfall intensities may reach 30 to 40mm/hr at times.

Please keep an eye on the latest weather information for the most up to date information.

White Island Volcano Update #1

A moderate explosive eruption occurred at White Island (Whakāri) at approximately 8:09pm NZDT last night. The eruption lasted about 1 minute based on data from acoustic and seismic sensors, and was confirmed by subsequent analysis of web camera images during daylight hours. As a consequence of this activity the Volcanic Alert Level is now raised to Level 2 and the Aviation Colour Code to Orange.

Observations from the web cameras show an explosive eruption producing an ash cloud column that expanded across the Main Crater floor. New mud deposited on the crater floor is evident in the web camera images from the crater rim this morning. The present activity is a continuation of the unrest observed at White Island for the past 15 months and hazardous eruptions of this type may occur with no warning. This eruption is larger than recent events and would have been life threatening to people on the island.

We will provide more information as it becomes available.

TSG Alert level remains unchanged

Routine Update

Nothing of importance to update this cycle. TSG Camp is not activated and all systems are operational.