Opinion: Economic/Social Collapse

Kia ora koutou,

Its been all over the news, you know, house prices and rent increases. Local newspapers are reporting at how families who are renting are now cutting back on meat and other staples in order to pay the ever increasing rent hikes. First home buyers are also being out priced by the ever inflating home prices. Our site poll also lists social/economic collapse as the factor that will cause global catastrophe.

I envisage that in 8-12 years we will see a lot more people fall below the poverty line, can’t afford to rent a house and resort to more extreme measures to home their families. Let this act as my prediction, and in 10 years we will revisit it.


8 years (2023) – Global demonstrations/Riots
9 years (2024) – Collapse of some countries economic and social systems.
10 years (2025) – Global collapse of economic systems. Most countries social systems fail. Rioting increases/Looting and communities fall apart.
11 years (2026) – 30-50% of global population dead (due to disease, murder…)
12 years (2027) – Small communities rebuilding across the world.

Again this is just my opinion, it is not based on any actual evidence and is solely that of my own thinking (and watching too many doomsday movies).

What do you think? What is your opinion? How do you think society will be in 10 years time?


About Terry Jones

Teacher, Computer Security Consultant, Geek and Activist!

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