The TSG (Tauranga Survival Group) was established in 2009.

The TSG is managed and located in Mount Maunganui, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

The aim of the TSG is:

  • Survival after a disaster (Either local/national/worldwide)
  • Re-establishment of a safe community
  • Coordinate a disaster recovery plan
  • Collectively manage and secure the groups survival camp
  • Collectively manage the camps food and medical supplies

This may sound like something from a Hollywood movie, but rest assured that a comprehensive survival plan could be the difference between dying and surviving a disaster.

It is not the purpose of this website to convince you that the World is going to end tomorrow. We are not a cult, a conspiracy theorist group or any form of anti-government organization. Simply put, this is an offer for the best insurance policy you have ever been offered if there is a Global Catastrophe. Even if you survive the catastrophe, what are you going to do for food, shelter and medical attention? While some of you may have your own personal bunker, what about communication with other survivors or medical attention? Tauranga Survival Group can offer your family protection and hopefully access to medical providers/equipment.

What have you done to save your family and loved ones if a catastrophe strikes? The most motivating factor behind this concept is not only providing families with the ability to survive the first 24 hours after a catastrophe, but the ability to survive the next several years. Even if you have a family bunker near your house, do you really think you will survive without trained physicians, communication devices and an established network of other Survival Groups?

Many have theorized that we will see the end coming years in advance, but will not be able to protect our families because the world economy has collapsed. Well look at where we are at and our Global Economy. Once the economy collapses, it will not matter if you are worth $1 or $1,000,000,000.00, your ability to obtain the goods and services needed to survive a major world catastrophe will be worthless. If you do not act now while your money is worth something, your opportunity may be lost once the global markets collapse.

We are selecting potential Survival Group Locations throughout the Bay of Plenty that will act as proposed Survival Group sites. Currently the top of Papamoa Hills is our assembly point.

If you are interested then why not join our mailing list and get on-board.

TSG is a free not-for-profit and we will never ask you for any money, joining us is free. We don’t employ any advertisements on our site and have no intention of ever using our site for monetary gain, we are simply here to spread our message of survival and peaceful re-development of a community.